Architectural Home Design

Architectural Drafting Services 

At Menz Building Design, we provide a personalised and professional architectural drafting service and building design solutions for all residential projects, unit developments and commercial building projects.

With many years' of experience in the building design industry, we consider all aspects of the design to suit your needs and the environment. So, if you are thinking about building a new home, renovating your existing house, adding an outdoor space to enhance your lifestyle, or developing property for financial security, then we would love to help.

Whatever the case may be, we have the skills and knowledge to help you with your next building project. Learn more about the services we providebelow and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific service.


Architectural Style


We listen to your ideas and guide you through the design process, bring your vision to life, through the process of working with you and understanding what matters most to you; we combine your thoughts with our experience and knowledge on the latest building design principles, capturing the essence of the spaces and building elements that reflect and react to your needs.

Enhanced life style

Enhanced life style 


Independent Living Solutions
New and Custom Home Builds
Sporting and Educational Facilities
Single Unit or Multi-unit Developments

Warehouse and Industrial Developments

House Plans for Renovations and Extensions
Building Plans for Development Application and Building Permits

Large and Small Commercial Developments, including Shop and Office Fit Out


Renovation and Extensions


Custom Building Design Solutions

Bushfire Attack Level Assessments  (B.A.L)

3D Realistic Renderings for Concept Design Visualisations

Assist with the Development / Planning Application Process

Appoint and Liaise with Specialist Consultants During the Design Phase

Architectural Drawing Services, including Plans and Specifications to reflect your project requirements and guide you through the Council Planning Process.


Modern Design


Menz Building Design utilises the latest industry-standard building information modeling (BIM) software technologies to design, coordinate and document all of our building projects. This gives us the ability to show you at any stage of the project how your design is progressing and maintain the accuracy of the drawings throughout the design and construction drawing process.

Urban Architecture Model


We can assist with the preparation of drawings/plans for your planning or development application submission; and can provide concept visualisation imagery of your proposed project, to fully explain the context and scope of the development. 

Architectural Commercial Design

Commercial Building Design


As a part of your design experience, we combine our skills and expertise with your ideas and can provide 3D photorealistic renders to help you visualise your project. We can also assist with presentation imagery for planning or development application submissions, for all types of residential, commercial, or industrial projects.