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Step 1. Information 

After you have contacted us and provided information about your project, such as a street address, city, and state, etc. We will then do a preliminary investigation to establish what permits may be required for your project. 

Step 2. Client Meeting 

We will arrange a meeting, either on-site or in our office, to discuss these findings and get a more detailed design brief from you about your project. This initial meeting is a no-obligation free consultation and will last about an hour. If we must travel more than 25km, then a fee may be applied to cover travel time. We will inform you of this prior to attending the meeting and explain what other services we can provide, concerning your project needs. 


Step 3. Fee Schedule

We then prepare a fee proposal offer, based on the information you have provided to us about your project. Once this offer has been accepted, we then schedule your project for commencement and indicate the period for completing the required documents. At this time, a project commencement payment is required as a deposit, which will be itemised in the fee schedule.


Step 4. Site Evaluation and Measure

At this stage, we will perform a site inspection and undertake a measure of the existing conditions (if required) and assess the site for potential design constraints and identify any potential opportunities that may improve your project outcomes. 


Step 5. Concept Design 

We set to work drawing up the existing conditions and start to layout a concept layout of the proposed works, which will map the way forward to achieving your project expectations. At this stage we may be required to contact the local certifying authorities, to confirm that we are on track to meeting the required planning guidelines, if your project requires planning or development approval. 

Step 6. Preliminary Drawings

Following on from the concept design phase, we further refine and prepare the design to get feedback from you and seek confirmation that the proposed design is meeting your expectations. At this stage, we ask the client to provide a formal sign-off for the proposed design. This ensures that we are documenting what you expect and ensuring timely completion of the working drawings. Specialist consultants will also be engaging at this stage to assess and provide feedback on the design. Our fee proposal will indicate the types of consultants that may be utilised for you.


Step 7. Construction Drawings

This is the final stage of the documentation process. It includes all the architectural drawings and consultant documentation, ready for issue for a building permit, as well as providing detailed drawings for the builder and trades to use on-site to ensure the successful outcome of your building project.

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