We offer building services relating to the preparation and coordination of documentation for all types of projects, which include drawings and written reports for planning / development application submission. These drawings and reports describe the proposed scope of works, relevant site conditions, intended use, and visual appearance of the proposed development.
We submit documentation on behalf of our client for building permit applications to the relevant building surveyor and if required liaise with authorities.

Some projects may require the assistance of external specialist consultants or additional services to help with achieving your vision. As a part of our building services, we assess your project requirements and engage the appropriate processional to assist with meeting your project demands.

  • Structural Engineer

  • Energy Rating Compliance Consultant 

  • Heritage Consultant

  • Private Certifier

  • Civil Engineer

  • Electrical Consultant

  • Mechanical Consultant

  • Hydraulic Consultant

  • Geotechnical Soil Testing Engineer

  • Disability Access Auditors



(New South Wales)


We will evaluate the energy efficiency of your new building, by utilising three components of sustainable building design, including water use, greenhouse emissions due to energy consumption, and thermal comfort.


(Bushfire Attack Level)


If your building project is in a designated bush fire-prone area, we will evaluate and assess the potential risk of bushfire attack to your project and advise the appropriate building materials to use and methods of construction technology to comply with relevant building legislation and Australian standards.






  • Contract and building works administration

  • Preparation of specifications

  • Liaise with builders to obtain construction estimates

  • Evaluate builders tenders / estimates 

  • Support during construction

  • Site meeting attendance 

  • 3D photo realistic visualisations

  • Artistic / graphic presentations