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For all your residential projects and commercial developments requiring expert professional building design and drafting services, Menz Building Design is the answer. We offer our clients a focused and interactive design service, to help you realise your goals and dreams, whilst delivering industry-standard architectural drafting services and project design solutions.

Together with
your ideas and our knowledge of the latest building design principles, we capture your thoughts and transform them into building elements and spaces to reflect and react to your current and future needs.

We consider all aspects of the design process to best utilise and maximise environmental factors enhancing the liveability, workability, and usability of internal and external spaces.

Modern Living Design

Through our design process we consider:

  • Material selection and suitability for geographical location and climate

  • Surrounding environmental factors

  • Planning requirements

  • Local regulatory requirements

  • Construction methods and technologies

  • Cost effective building systems

  • Risk and intensity of possible bushfire attack (BAL)

  • Optimise views and natural ventilation opportunities

  • Efficient use of site and topography

  • Energy efficiency

  • Privacy

  • Security

  • Accessibility

Design Process


At Menz Building Design we listen to our client’s needs and expectations. The design process is the single most important aspect in creating a new building, as it brings together your thoughts and ideas, interlocking them with the build requirements to meet  your lifestyle  and desired outcomes. Every project is unique and has its own  environmental pressures to react to. We work with our clients, to deliver a design that responds to their individual needs, regardless of project scale, ranging from a small extension to large commercial development. Menz Building Design offers our client’s professional advice, guiding them through the design process from conception to completion. 

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